Filmblood Award Winners 2013

Evil Bread - Filmblood Award Winner


EVIL BREAD - DrewForYou Productions


Towards the closing days of our annual quest to find a worthy winner for our main category, Best Feature Length Film, this gem emerged at the Horror-or-Sea Film Festival in Southend. We were there to specifically assess a contender for our Best Short Film category that we had seen earlier in the year.

The winner of the Filmblood Award for Best Feature Length Film deservedly goes to ‘Evil Bread’ which has a perfect balance of humour and gore. The comedic script is well written and genuinely funny and when combined with the effortless delivery from the main characters you witness some real side-splitting entertainment. We even cried with laughter! 

During the 2013 season we have seen many films on much higher budgets. However, none possessed such all-round entertainment as what Director Andy Ward has dished up here.

Helped out by a terrific cast, led by two outstanding performers we are served up with some great one-liners and comedy dialogue. There are some wonderful gory scenes which are amusingly crafted with some passionately-played zombie sequences.

We cannot wait for what the future has on offer from the creative team at DrewForYou!

Somebody to Love - Filmblood Award Winner
SOMEBODY TO LOVE - Braine Hownd Films

For such a short film (11 minutes), Somebody to Love portrays deep emotion and commitment, not just from the two actors, but by both the scriptwriter, Mark A. C. Brown and Director Phil Haine.

This film is an intense and psychological character study which we found really absorbing.

The composition of the film alters to match the changing mental outlook of the protagonist. What were well lit scenes in the beginning of the picture descend into a darker, more overcast mise-en-scène. The visage of the woman illuminated by sunlight in the bedroom window, signifying everything being right in the mind of the protagonist, being the most vivid example.

Repetition of certain scenes but replayed in an opposite tone depicts a dream turning into a nightmare. Warm domestic moments of conversation and sex descend into passionless, mundane replicas, a stark reminder of the protagonist's downward spiral.

The film is bookended by the true reality of the situation, with the main body of the film being either a tragic chronicle of a man heading towards an act of murder, or a window into his bleak imagination where he is condemned to be forever swallowed by his own demons.

Braine Hownd Films have an impressive and varied portfolio which also includes some award winning material. It is with pleasure that we too recognise their talent with our Filmblood Award for Best Short Film for 2013.

Kate Griffiths - Filmblood Award Winner
KATE GRIFFITHS - Theatrical Make-Up Artist

Kate Griffiths is a talented theatrical make-up artist, who works in film, television, theatre and throughout the education system.

We have come across Kate's work from a few different sources over the past 12 months and are impressed by the quality and diversity of her work.

Kate's commitment to the industry is obviously driven by a combination of a passion for her art and her love of teaching. This is particularly evident when running her popular workshops at schools and colleges, and we have heard first-hand from students who have been inspired by her teachings.

It gives us great pleasure to announce her as the winner of the 2013 Filmblood Award for Best Make-up.



Filmblood Awards 2012


The Eschatrilogy


Filmblood are pleased to acknowledge the work of Director Damian Morter for his new film creation, The Eschatrilogy: Book of the Dead.

Damian, of Safehouse Pictures UK, has managed to produce an epic zombie film with a refreshingly new slant on the usual zombie genre. The Eschatrilogy: Book of the Dead, is a film which weaves three horrific stories with a central theme into a fascinating feature length.

The special effects are raw without relying on cgi, which produces a realistic edge to the zombie gore. This combined with a large team of talented makeup artists, results in a visual treat for fans of rotting flesh! The sheer amount of zombies, really gives the viewer a sense of impending doom.

The directing is stylish and the editing first class. The quality way the film is shot belies its modest budget, and the evocative soundtrack complements the film and adds the final polish and harmony to a well written script.

The Eschatrilogy is stirring up lots of interest as it tours the festival screening circuit and we wish Damian and the whole team at Safehouse Pictures UK all the success they clearly deserve.



Accidents Happen - Award Winner


A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing - especially for the main protagonist of Accidents Happen! Upon finding the blood soaked body of his unconscious friend on the living room floor, coupled with his hazy memory from last nights partying, he comes to the erroneous conclusion that he has committed murder! 

This mistaken belief sets in motion a series of hilarious caught in the act style moments with his other housemates that lead inevitably to great slap stick violence.

Jumbled Up Productions have crafted a gem of a short film that mixes comedic violence, Hitchcock film references, flash back narrative, and cool make up effects. These ingredients are brought to life with characters whose mistrust, paranoia and good old fashioned bad luck that end in disastrous consequences.

For a short 16 minute run time Accidents Happen is full to the brim with content and smart ideas that pay off with a great ending and we are thrilled to award them the title of Best Short Film.



Kirsty Childs Award Winner


Kirsty Childs creator of Kiki Makeup, won our ‘Best Makeup’ award for her artistic makeup techniques. Kirsty's passion for gothic, fantasy art and American comic super hero’s, adds interesting contrasts of darkness and vivid colour to her many creations.

It is her work in special effects that first drew our attention to her activities. Her work is always stunningly crafted and realistic, producing yet another contrast; horrifying beauty.

The Kiki Makeup website portfolio boasts a prolific amount of work, which takes inspiration from across all types of culture and aesthetics including; comic book heroes, video games, movies, as well as gothic and new age style. Kirsty’s work both brilliantly recreates pop culture design as well as producing fresh, bold designs of great flair and artistry.

Anyone who sees her work will be bowled over by the striking imagery and rich creativity on display. It is clear Kirsty has a bright future in the makeup world and we are delighted to award her our trophy for ‘Best Makeup  2012.’


Julian Robinson - Award Winner



An award also goes to Julian Robinson of Jumbled Up, in recognition for his special effects works on Accidents Happen.

Filmblood Awards 2012 - Winners

The trophies are engraved by one of the UK's finest glass decorators, Michael Virden Engraved Glass Ltd


Filmblood Award s 2011


Filmblood Award 2011


Dale Dempsey presented the 2011 Filmblood Award for Special Effects, to Justin Heasman and Dean Nolan of Sketchwork TV.

The ceremony took place in the fabulous new Lighthouse Cinema in Newquay, the Mayor of Newquay was present as was the local press. Sadly Dean could not be there for the presentaion as he was touring the UK with his theatre company.

"We are so impressed with the way Justin and Dean, not only entertain their audience but educate them too, with their well-written and well-crafted short films. On behalf of the Filmblood team, I would like to wish you all the sucess in the future"    Dale Dempsey

Film Blood Awards 2011